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Welcome to the School Readiness to Learn Project home page!

All children are born ready to learn,
BUT not all children arrive at school ready to learn...

1 in 4 children enter kindergarten
without the skills they need to learn.

What is school readiness to learn?

  • The child's ability to meet the task demands at school
  • The child's ability to benefit from the educational activities provided by the school

Children who start school not ready to learn are at a disadvantage, and often never catch up. The degree to which a child is ready to learn at school predicts how well they will do at school.

How do we measure school readiness to learn?

The EDI can…

  • Report on populations of children in different communities
  • Monitor populations of children over time
  • Predict how children will do in elementary school

The EDI cannot...

  • Provide a clinical diagnosis

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